Video Pages vs. Clickfunnels – Which One suits your business?

The battle of Video Pages vs. Clickfunnels is not really a new one. But, the truth is, these two services have very stark differences. In fact, it is better to consider them as distant relatives since these are both marketing platforms per see and are not direct rivals at all.

Video Pages vs. Clickfunnels – Which One suits your business?

Calling them indirect competitors is even too much. But, Video Pages vs. Clickfunnels debate still remains. This article hopes to give you an idea of what makes these two services different from each other to help you choose which option better fits your business.

About Video Pages

Video Pages caters to two types of customers. It is an advertising network for every business that gives them a chance to market their business using videos while giving their customers discounts and other forms of promotional incentives.

This also functions as a searchable hub for consumers that allow them to learn more about the business they are interested in. It also gives them access to special discounts and incentives. Customers can then discover more about a certain business by just watching its published video content.

Video Pages also allows customers to look for businesses according to location, category, and keyword. Their website states that you can search for about 16 millions businesses all over the United States with their website or smartphone app. If you feel like Video Pages is a suitable option for your business, you can simply go to their official site to learn more about its offers.

About Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels is powerfully packed suite made up of a long list of digital marketing software tools that help businesses sell more products and services with the use of funnels. A funnel can be considered as a much optimized website that encourages users to undergo several stages of an offer. It follows a controlled step by step manner, with one step taken at a time.

Two options are available here, either to proceed to the rest of the funnel steps or leave the funnel as a whole. A traditional website usually includes navigation links, a contact page, an about us page, and others. A funnel can also have an email optin page, an upsell, an order confirmation page, and an order form.

The funnels’ complexity can differ from some processes with a couple steps mean to develop an email list to more complex processes involving upsells, order bumps. Clickfunnels also has a very intuitive and easy to use drag and drop builder that doesn’t need coding. Clickfunnels makes it easier to design, create, as well as deploy the best of the best custom funnels.

Not too long ago, it was a requirement for businesses to buy several software tools that are often very expensive. Thankfully, these can now be replaced with just a single Clickfunnels account that offers everything you will ever need.



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Video Pages vs. Clickfunnels
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