Ontraport vs. Clickfunnels – Get the Right Details Which is Better

How do you run your online business now? How many marketing campaigns do you use at the moment? Do you have a small or large sales team? These questions are all important and need the right answers so that you can choose the better option between Ontraport vs. Clickfunnels.

Ontraport vs. Clickfunnels – Get the Right Details Which is Better

Choose the Right Tool for Your Online Business

As far as Ontraport vs. Clickfunnels is concerned, none of the two tools is considered as a one size fits all solution. Both can cater to different businesses with different needs.

This only means that the tool you will choose to use will depend on how complex your online business’s inner workings are.

If you are the only one who runs your business or you have a team with a few members who sells your products, memberships, and services, Clickfunnels is a great option. This no-nonsense tool is simple and easy to use but very powerful at the same time.

If you have a big and complex business on the other hand, and you have a battalion of marketers and salespeople on your payroll who deal with your customers and handle all your marketing campaigns, you will be better off with Ontraport.

Now, you get a good idea about the tool you need to run your online business. Read on to know the important features of Ontraport vs. Clickfunnels.

Short Review of Ontraport

Ontraport is often dubbed as the Swiss Army knife as far as online business automation is concerned. This is filled with different tools to help you manage every business aspect such as sales, finances, and so much more. It means that if there is one word that can describe Ontraport best, it will be none other than automation.

The platform basically allows you to create sales pages, manage leads, and send emails to these leads. Upon going through this software, one thing you will notice is that it gives strong emphasis on automation of different aspects in running your campaigns and your business as a whole. This is not a bad thing at all. Ontraport can come in very handy for larger businesses. But, when you are a solopreneur or you have a smaller team, these extensive automation features may make you feel overwhelmed.

Short Review of Clickfunnels

When you opt for Clickfunnels, you will get a sales funnel builder that does one job well. Clickfunnels and all its related features focus on just one thing. This is to help you create functional and attractive sales funnels that can successfully encourage people to buy your services and products. Clickfunnels offers the same features as Ontraport but it doesn’t give emphasis on automating every single thing that happens in your business. The focus of Clickfunnels is to do one job and that is to help you successfully sell your products and services to customers. It makes the whole process faster, easier, and hassle-free from you.

When it comes to Ontraport vs. Clickfunnels, there is no doubt that Clickfunnels wins.



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