Is Clickfunnels an Autoresponder?-Learn from the expert

Because of the features that Clickfunnels have, others ask questions like “is Clickfunnels an autoresponder?”

Is Clickfunnels an Autoresponder?-Learn from the expert

Basically, Clickfunnels is a platform equipped with various features and functionalities. One of its features is called Actionetics, which serves as the autoresponder system of the tool.

Clickfunnels and Actionetics

Actionetics is a built-in email marketing system of Clickfunnels. It is not available with the tool’s standard plan. You can only enjoy its functionalities once you upgrade to the Etison Suite plan of Clickfunnels. This plan costs $297 monthly and includes more features.

Actionetics works almost similar to some email services that stores contacts, make email lists, and sends out emails. It has its own kind of lead score, which is known as Action Score. It automatically rates every engagement of the contact.

But, Actionetics is tied completely to Clickfunnels. So, you cannot use this to make forms that would embed in your WordPress website. It will not work with your lead generation software. It works only with the sales funnels you made with Clickfunnels. Actionetics also needs you to integrate with separate SMTP service to send out emails.

What You’ll Love about Clickfunnels’ Autoresponder System?

  • Unlimited Contacts

Majority of email services have a pricing structure, which scales up with more contacts. Although Actionetics may seem costly, a good thing about it is that this let you add unlimited contacts. So, you may scale your email marketing up and the cost will remain constant. It only means that you will get more profits in your pocket.

  • Automatic Email Segmentation

Actionetics enables you to make email lists like majority of email services. However, a unique feature of the Actionetics is being able to make Smart Lists. To make one, you have to turn on Smart Lists option once making an Email List.

The Smart List would add or eliminate contacts from the email list based on the specified set of rules. There are lots of rules to choose from and you may match and mix them together to make a rule group.

  • Flexible Action Funnels

Action Funnels are the way of Actionetics to make automations. However, they consist of several steps where you could send emails or perform actions. What’s great are the Actions you can do. Actionetics enables you to integrate with different 3rd party services. Clickfunnels also adds integrations to Actionetics. With this, you’ll be able to make more powerful marketing automations.

  • Flexible Delivery of Emails

Another main difference between Actionetics and some email services is it does not send emails directly. But rather, it depends on separate SMTP service. While you could see it as a negative thing, it’s an advantage since it provides you more flexibility.

The Takeaway

Clickfunnels and its autoresponder system called Actionetics makes everything so easy. If you want to use a platform that has everything you need, Clickfunnels is for you. It has autoresponder system and an affiliate marketing software. All you have to do is to try its trial period and upgrade to its Etison Suite plan to enjoy everything!




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