Is Clickfunnels A Pyramid Scheme- Know some information

Clickfunnels is basically a tool that enables users to make funnels that provide good conversion rates. Founded by Russell Brunson, it’s a well-known in online marketing and successful with some business ventures. The best part about Clickfunnels is that it’s made brilliantly that everyone can use it.

Is Clickfunnels A Pyramid Scheme- Know some information

Clickfunnels is extraordinary and aside from having pre-made templates for funnels, it offers ease for customization. The pre-made templates are different and ideal for any kind of conversions you’re searching for. Its drag and drop interface can help you customize funnels quickly.

Whatever type of online business you’re into, regardless if you’re going to sell books or upsell, Clickfunnels is beneficial. It helps you capture leads for marketing online and lure your audience with low price items. That is why Clickfunnels is considered as the best solution for such things.

But, is Clickfunnels a pyramid scheme? Find out the truth!

A lot of people consider Clickfunnels as something like a pyramid scheme. There’s a reason why others wonder about it. Some use Clickfunnels to recruit other people to join to earn commissions. These individuals use the tool to promote rather than using it for their business benefits.

It is true that Clickfunnels has pyramid-like commission structure. You can recruit in others and earn some money from it. You may also get paid from when they go out and hire new members. The owner of Clickfunnels was involved in an MLM company years ago. It might one of the reasons why others think Clickfunnels as a pyramid scheme.

Clickfunnels and Facts about Its Compensation Plan

Once you became part of Clickfunnels, you will be a member of its affiliate program. You may also be a member of an affiliate program without taking Clickfunnels’ membership. In that case, you will not be able to use Clickfunnels.

Once you recruit in somebody to join Clickfunnels, you’ll earn commissions of forty percent. This is possible once they pay for their subscription fees monthly. You will also get five percent once they make sales. It’s known as a 2-tier commission structure as you’re not just earning commissions from personal recruitment. But also, you will earn from the recruits of the ones you recruited. So, it is actually a win-win situation and can be profitable if you have lots of recruits.

Is Clickfunnels a Pyramid Scheme? It Isn’t at All!

The reason why lots of people call it pyramid scheme is for the reason you can earn commissions from recruits. But, that ends there. Clickfunnels has 2 tiers. However, majority of other known MLM companies have commission structure that pays up to ten levels.

In addition to that, pyramid scheme companies concentrate on recruiting more individuals rather than product selling. However, Clickfunnels does not seem to do everything. It’s primarily a tool to create sales funnels. It provides you the chance to be an affiliate as well. But, it does not make it a pyramid scheme. So, is Clickfunnels a pyramid scheme? The answer is a big NO!



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