Is Clickfunnels A CRM- Get some tips

Are you one of those who ask “is Clickfunnels a CRM?” If so, this article will enlighten you!

Is Clickfunnels A CRM- Get some tips

While Clickfunnels and CRM software complement and relate each other to a certain extent, they’re entirely different. Clickfunnels isn’t a CRM system.

For you to understand the differences between a CRM system and Clickfunnels, you have to understand both properly.

Clickfunnels is basically tool for marketing automation that can help you create effective sales funnels. It’s a newer concept compared to CRM.

CRM and Clickfunnels – The Differences

CRM is also referred to as customer relationship management system. It became popular when businesses realized how much information they could gather from clients.

You may use all the information of clients to enter a CRM system. This will let you convert them to notification for follow-up calls with prospects and stay in contact with clients. It can also schedule quarterly meeting with clients.

CRM system may also come with numerous features. These include client relationship management and CRM, task tracking, lead scoring, and more.

Clickfunnels, on the other hand, is a full marketing automation system. CRM is actually a part of it.

Clickfunnels and Its Offered Plans

Basically, there are 2 payment plans available in Clickfunnels. These include Etison Suite and Startup Plan.

Etison Suite

Once you select Etison Suite, you’d get access to Actionetics. This is the CRM system of Clickfunnels. It creates a seamless connection between marketing communication and sales funnels. The best thing about having Actionetics, you will not need to worry about subscribing to some email automation services. It ensures that you’d be staying away from daunting tasks including importing contacts collected.

It can also segment email lists separately and integrate 3rd party tool to your sales funnel. Actionetics can also save considerable time and energy that you may use for important sales and marketing processes. You can easily benefit from Actionetics through upgrading the subscription of Clickfunnels.

Easy to use and simple user-interface as well as good support are what Actionetics offer. It is very easy that even beginners would find it easy to run.

Startup Plan

With this plan, you will not get built-in CRM system. With this in mind, you have to integrate other CRM systems. However, if you like to stick with Clickfunnels without using other tools, you can upgrade your plan. Upgrading to Etison Suite will let you access Actionetics.

The Bottom Line

Although Clickfunnels has its own CRM system, it isn’t a dedicated CRM service. The main purpose of utilizing Clickfunnels is to create sales funnels. These will help you generate leads and convert them to potential customers.

CRM systems are good for managing relationship with existing customers and building prospects in sales funnels made through Clickfunnels. But, you may still integrate with some third party CRM service seamlessly. When compared to CRM, Clickfunnels primarily concentrates on gaining new clients instead of maintaining relationship of existing clients.

In comparison to features you can get, the price of Clickfunnels is worthy. Depending on your budget, you can choose any from the available plans. However, if you want to try it first, you can sign up for 14-day free trial period.




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