Does Clickfunnels Combine it With WordPress

If you are using WordPress and Clickfunnels, you might wonder if they both integrate well. So, does Clickfunnels integrate with WordPress? The answer is YES!

Does Clickfunnels Combine it With WordPress

Even if Clickfunnels enables you to have your own domain, your URLs would redirect to your domain on Clickfunnels. You will also get an auto-generate URL.

It may not be a good thing for some. Also, it will not work with advertising platforms like Google Ads because of restrictions on destination URLs. It can also limit potential ways where you drive traffic to each of your sales funnels. However, there is nothing you should worry about. The best solution is installing WordPress to your custom domain. After that, use the plugin of Clickfunnels in WordPress.

There is no point in setting up your custom domain in Clickfunnels. This is because it is a time-consuming job that needs serious efforts. You may do this with Clickfunnels plugin.

Integrating WordPress with Clickfunnels

The steps to install Clickfunnels plugin to your WordPress website are easy. What you will require for the process is a WordPress site and plugin of Clickfunnels for WordPress.

The steps include installing Clickfunnels plugin to WordPress and verifying the setting of the plugin.

  • Steps to Install Clickfunnels Plugin for WordPress

From the dashboard of your WordPress, go to Plugins option. Choose the option Add New and look for Clickfunnels on the search bard. Click Install on Clickfunnels plugin. See to it that it’s the one developed by Etison LLC. It is important to use the authentic one for this process. After that, Activate the plugin.

  • Verifying the Setting of Plugin

You may find the plugin of Clickfunnels on the left pad. Go to this plugin and choose Settings. You may find API section and in this section, you have to enter your email on Clickfunnels. Go to the account setting of Clickfunnels. Scroll for WordPress API and choose Expand. Then, you have to copy the key for WordPress API. Go back to WordPress and paste API key under the Authentication Token. Choose Save Setting.

On the left side, you’ll find compatibility check option. Make sure that the settings are enabled. Check General Setting and ensure that you choose the Display and Download. You may add if you require this type of Additional Tracking Snippet. After that, you are finish with the process of adding the plugin of Clickfunnels in your own WordPress website.

Why Connect Clickfunnels and WordPress?

It may come in handy to connect Clickfunnels  with WordPress. You can use your own domain. Once you use your domain, you’re using the domain from Clickfunnels. But, you don’t own that domain. More often than not, you will not have problems. However, it is best to own every page you put online. If you use Clickfunnels domain, it might be a problem for some reasons. Clickfunnels will shut down and you might end up having many links online. If you have your own domain, you do not need to worry about this case.



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