Does Clickfunnels Accommodate With Shopify?

Clickfunnels is a tool that will help make landing pages and opt-in pages. It may also be a great in helping you manage other forms used in sales funnels. You may create sales funnels to improve your marketing methods used on eCommerce store.

Does Clickfunnels Accommodate With Shopify?

Clickfunnels isn’t a perfect choice once you have different items to sell. So, the best option to do this is through using Shopify. But, does Clickfunnels integrate with Shopify? Yes, but it is important to know about what Shopify is and Clickfunnels.

What to Know about Shopify?

It would be best to start with the concept of sales funnels. When compared to what others think, funnels aren’t complicated. Even if you might not be aware, you’re more familiar with the funnels. Shopify became one of the popular eCommerce platforms to make an online store for product selling. This platform may be used to sell both digital and physical goods. Shopify also includes lots of tools and resources, which can help you run and set up your business.

Through the easy to use interface of Shopify and the available themes to choose from, you’ll get the best store. You will not just get an average online store, but you’ll actually have a professional looking and functional store. With this, you can streamline the selling experience of your customers. Such aspects are crucial in online sales as it is in a brick-and-mortar store.

Process to Integrate Clickfunnels with Shopify

If you have Shopify store and you like to manage the products you made in Clickfunnels, integration is the key. You will have to follow the steps to integrate Clickfunnels and Shopify properly. But, you have to take note that integration of Shopify would send shipping information. Yet, it won’t accept payment. Moreover, every product ordered in the sales funnel will be sent to the Shopify separately. What you will need for successful integration include products made in Shopify and account on Shopify.

The first thing that you should do is to log in your account on Shopify in another tab. From your Clickfunnels, navigate Account Menu and choose Integrations. Then, pick Add New Integration and look for Shopify. After that, type the URL of your Shopify Store and choose Connect Integration. On the other page, scroll and choose install the unlisted app.

The products created on Shopify require an SKU assigned. Without this, the integration will not be successful. It’ll fail to successfully connect and a message will show to verify the details for access. So, always keep this in mind throughout the process.

In terms of Shopify and Clickfunnels, both can be vital and valuable. It is ideal to concentrate on your Shopify store, PLA or product listing ads, and so on. Just make sure that you follow the steps to integrate Shopify with your account on Clickfunnels properly. In this way, you won’t experience any problem with using both platforms. Aside from that, you will get most out of Shopify and Clickfunnels while earning more sales.



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