How does Clickfunnels Integrated With Shopify

Having a Shopify website is a great way to make money over the internet. But, the real profits basically lie in its ability to implement profitable sales funnels to get maximum and long-term value. So, it only makes sense to use Clickfunnels. But, does Clickfunnels integrate with Shopify?

How does Clickfunnels Integrated With Shopify

The answer to that question is yes. It is easy to integrate Clickfunnels with your Shopify. The only thing you should do is to follow the steps properly to avoid any possible issues in the end.

What makes Clickfunnels and Shopify integration special is that it enables funnels. Your sales funnels can communicate with your Shopify website for all your shopping fulfillment.

To make the integration process successful, you will need some things. These include your account on Shopify, products made in your Shopify, and URL of your Shopify website.

Steps to Follow for Effective Clickfunnels and Shopify Integration

  • Login to your account on Shopify in another tab before you return to Clickfunnels.
  • In your Clickfunnels dashboard, you’ll find menu for account on its left side. Click the option for Integration.
  • Then, choose the option Add New Integration.
  • You’ll get the search box. Type in Shopify and choose it.
  • In this stage, you will have to place your Shopify website’s URL and choose Connect Integration.
  • On the other page, choose Install Unlisted App.
  • Your Clickfunnels is already integrated with Shopify website.

How to Add Shopify to Your Sales Funnel

  • Choose the option Products from the order form page.
  • Choose Add Product
  • You have to enter all important information for your products. See to it that you include payment gateway information.
  • In product setting option, you should click Shipping.
  • You should check the box for the Shopify option.
  • You have to choose your account on Shopify under the option Integration.
  • Choose your product under the product SKU
  • Lastly, you have to click the option Create Product.

Why Integrate Clickfunnels with Shopify?

Integrating your Shopify website with Clickfunnels can make you more profitable. It is because Clickfunnels allows you to implement it easily. Shopify is a good platform for starting successful dropshipping business. It’s stable, secure, fast, and has lots of built-in apps. So, if you want to make most of your Shopify website, better follow those steps to integrate with Clickfunnels.

You should also pay importance to sales funnels. In today’s online marketing, sales funnels are necessary. With these, it is easy to reach out your audience and have more leads. Take note that with increased leads, you will be able to make more traffic to your Shopify website. More traffic also means improved conversion rates and you can guarantee that it will help you increase your sales effectively.

Both of these tools are easy to use and can surely level up your business. If you are ready to upgrade your sales, sign up with Clickfunnels and start integrating it with your website!



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