Does Clickfunnels Unify it With PayPal

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Does Clickfunnels Unify it With PayPal

One of the best ways of integrating PayPal with Clickfunnels is through using an app known as Funnelish. The only thing you should do is to visit its official page. Then, on its right side, you’ll see a button for PayPal plugin. You should put the mail ID and name and click the button to start with PayPal integration.

Manual Integration of Clickfunnels and PayPal

The easiest way to get started with Clickfunnels and PayPal integration is through logging into your account on PayPal. Once you’re logged in, you can go to the tab for tools and choose integrate. There are various ways to incorporate and design PayPal button for funnels or pages in Clickfunnels.

The whole procedure is easy. First and foremost, you have to login to your account on PayPal. Choose your preferred button to integrate and make sure to properly integrate it with Clickfunnels. This might be a bit straightforward to do. Yet you must know the step by step process for full setup.

If there’s one thing you should know, the process is a third party integration. It isn’t a direct API integration. This only means that there’s a limited amount of functionality.

Once you are logged in to your account on PayPal, you should click Tools. You must scroll down and choose PayPal button. Pick the kind of button that you like and enter the name of the item. You should also enter the item’s ID number. It could be any number you want. You should also enter the price for testing purposes. Add the pricing details needed and go to Customize Advanced Features.

You must add URL to the funnel you preferred to go when cancelling checkout. Add URL in funnel that you like your customers to go when making payment. You have to click on setting within your funnel. Then, choose third party membership area. You will find this section at your page’s bottom. Choose add product and you have to add the product and its name.

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Open the dropdown menu for billing integration and select PayPal. Place the amount and skip the Price Display Override. Then, enter cart product and use same item ID used for PayPal setting. You may find webhook URL and you should copy it. You must also click to create the product. Go to Customize Advanced Features and choose Advanced Variable fields. Add URL text to the field and paste webhook from Clickfunnels. Then, click create button.

Once you created the payment button, you can paste it on your sales page and you’re done with the process. Just make sure to do it right.

Upgrade Your Account on Clickfunnels

Another way to integrate PayPal and Clickfunnels is through upgrading your account on Clickfunnels. With an upgraded account, you can select PayPal as your payment gateway. You will find this in integration area and might cost an extra amount of money.



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