Does Clickfunnels Operates Webinars

One of the effective marketing tools nowadays is webinar. What makes it great is that it enables your prospects to know you intimately in comparison to typical PDF freebie. If you like to make most out of the webinars, you must automate them. The benefit of automating webinars is that it enables you to have people come your funnels always.

Does Clickfunnels Operates Webinars

Clickfunnels is the best tool to host webinars. As a bonus, you can also get a good drag and drop tool for sales funnels.

So, does Clickfunnels host webinars? Yes, you can also create webinars with Clickfunnels.

What Should You Know about Webinars?

Webinars refer to web-based seminars. There are lots of activities with webinars. You may join lectures, presentations, seminars or workshops. Webinars use video conferencing tool to transmit all events for participants no matter where they are. Webinars can also benefit you in a lot of ways. With these, you do not have to purchase airplane tickets to some countries to attend seminars. You only have to stay at your home to join the workshop. Just make sure that your internet connection is good.

Webinars attract a lot of people. It provides a great opportunity for online marketers or business owners. Making webinars and integrating it with Clickfunnels can make a huge difference. But, how does Clickfunnels host these webinars?

Webinar and Clickfunnels Integration

Before knowing how Clickfunnels host webinars, you should know a bit about Clickfunnels. For those who don’t know, it’s a tool for online marketing. It is ideal for business owners and online marketers to promote as well as lure potential buyers.

Clickfunnels may create the best landing pages and leads that would direct the visitors to your website. Points contain the sales page as a place where transaction must happen. Visitors may also use different payment methods in sales pages.

You have to make a webinar funnel first to start the integration. Begin through choosing Build Funnel in Clickfunnels menu. You may also choose Add New on Clickfunnels dashboard. Then, make a new funnel. First, you should click host, live webinar, and name your funnel. You should also choose a group tag when necessary and click Build Funnel.

Once you are done with the initial step of integration, you should now proceed to how Clickfunnels host webinars. There are 2 steps needed to follow. First is to put webinar page templates and second is to set live webinar time. For webinar page template creation, you have to choose a step in webinar funnel. Then, choose Webinar category and select the page template of same page type. In this process, you may edit it. Once all of them are done, do the process for every step in webinar funnel.

To set Live Webinar Time, start through choosing webinar registration step in your funnel. Choose the Gear icon and select the time and date of Live Webinar Event. The final step is to Update the page. It will help you conduct webinars in the long run.




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