Clickfunnels vs. WordPress – Which is one is Good?

Would it be better to use Clickfunnels as the main tool for lead generation or are you better off with a dedicated website that runs on WordPress?

Clickfunnels vs. WordPress – Which is one is Good?

This question is by far the main concern whenever confronted to choose between Clickfunnels vs. WordPress. This article will try to shed some light on which is really the better choice between these two.

What to Use between Clickfunnels vs. WordPress?

The answer to this will depend on different factors. Going for WordPress, for instance, means going for a long term approach. Someone who uses WordPress has to pay attention SEO or search engine optimization and content marketing. A WordPress user takes advantage of content marketing to generate traffic over time and rank for certain targeted keywords. Someone who uses WordPress also need to get the most popular themese and plugins. There might even be a need to create a website that especially focuses on conversion alone.

Meanwhile, a person who chooses Clickfunnels most probably wants to develop a funnel and direct some paid traffic towards it. Clickfunnels is a special kind of software that helps users develop their sales funnels. Through its intuitive and easy to use drag and drop builder, Clickfunnels makes it possible to create funnels within minutes. It also lets you come up with captivating landing pages that have features for drawing in more leads such as email opt-in forums.

Other Things to Know about Clickfunnels vs. WordPress

WordPress is something that needs some technical knowledge of sort. This means that there is a bit of a learning curve involved so you can adjust and adapt to using WordPress. In addition to this learning curve, you also have to pay for more software to help with website optimization. Themes and plug-ins of high quality are required so that you can further improve your business.

With Clickfunnels, however, it wouldn’t take as much as to master its use. You don’t need to have any experience prior to using it so you can get started with things right away. Clickfunnels is downright straightforward and simple. Everything is managed from just one platform. Clickfunnels allows you to do things, from getting your custom domain to launching your full blown site, all of which are done easily and quickly.

The catch is that while things are easier with Clickfunnels, you have to remember that Clickfunnels hosts your website or landing pages. If you ever decide to stop paying for its services, you might end up losing your hard work.

WordPress, on the other hand, can help manage and store your site. Even if you no longer pay for hosting, you can still recover your site.

Parting Words

Clickfunnels vs. WordPress cannot really be considered as a fair and square comparison. It is obviously because these two are different in many ways. While Clickfunnels is a kind of landing builder, WordPress is just a platform where you can manage your own blog. Pitting these two together is somewhat farfetched because their functions and purposes are completely different.



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