Clickfunnels vs. WooCommerce -Learn Who is Better Shop Builder?

When just getting with your new online business, you probably start with a landing page. You then collect contact details of your potential customers and advertise about your products. Once you are done with these, you then develop a full store site where you will be selling your items. Or maybe you will pitch in marketing apps to your workflow so that you can follow up with prospect customers and encourage them to check out your store. Thankfully, Clickfunnels makes it easy to do all of these things right from a single app.

Clickfunnels vs. WooCommerce -Learn Who is Better Shop Builder?

What makes Clickfunnels great is that instead of using a plethora of apps to list your products online, market to prospect customers, and close sales, you can just create one website and do everything straight from there.

However, the battle of Clickfunnels vs. WooCommerce is a common one, too. Which of these two is the better shop builder for you?

Overview of Clickfunnels

Everything is regarded as funnels in Clickfunnels. You just have one thing to do and that is to add names to all your funnels and choose from the prebuilt funnels to sell products or collect emails. You can also opt to make your own funnels from scratch.

Each funnel includes numerous steps as you try to guide your site visitors through your own dedicated marketing process. When you need a typical landing page, you need to start with basic website templates that contain descriptions of your upcoming products and promo videos. You also need to add some opt-in forms in which your visitors can add their email addresses for additional details. This is where the next funnel stage comes in as you need another page for thanking users and sharing some other information with them.

For those who wish to sell products, Clickfunnels makes use of different services for payment processing. This allows you to add your own account then directly accept payments for products and individual memberships. Clickfunnels makes it easy to create your own shop and allows you to establish your online presence.

Overview of WooCommerce

WooCommerce is another great platform to build your own shop.  It offers a variety of tools to help you create your own store complete with eCommerce solutions suitable for your budget and business. This solution is easy to use and powerful when setting up online shops.

WooCommerce offers core features to help you kick start your online business. To get additional features, you can download free and paid WooCommerce extensions to let you develop a website that works. You can give subscriptions, memberships, extra payment gateways and accept shipping services, provide real-time shipping rates, make appointment bookings, and so much more. You can use the integrated free WooCommerce themes to come up with your theme for better customization of your website.

Clickfunnels vs. WooCommerce – Clickfunnels is the Best Shop Builder

You will have a great time using Clickfunnels if you just want to do everything in just a single program. This program will let you market your products easily while letting you earn cash and getting quick results at the soonest time possible.



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Clickfunnels vs. WooCommerce
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