Clickfunnels Pricing Plans,How To Get The Best Deal & Secret Discount

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Today we are going to be discussing Clickfunnels pricing plans. As you may grasp, Clickfunnels has two completely different pricing plans. The base package starts at $97 per month, and the higher plan and a $297 per month etison suite plan.

(If you are still not sure if Clickfunnels is right for you, read some clickfunnels reviews before making your decision )

Clickfunnels Pricing Plans


The Difference Of 2 Pricing Plans

Not everyone needs the Etison Suite; I will guide you based on my working knowledge with many landing page software in the market like Unbounce, WordPress with many installed plugins, LeadPages, InfusionSoft, or with Active Campaigns. The ClickFunnels Pricing Plan is based on a couple of variables that are featured within ClickFunnels. They are –

Number of Funnels – If you’re new Funnels, consider it as a gaggle of pages, one resulting in the other with an outlined goal. The goal of a funnel is to move your audience from one stage to other and ultimately get them to complete the objective.

Total number of Pages – a page is a special URL where your content is displayed.

Total number of Unique Visitors – this is the number of unique hits that your pages acquire

Custom Domain – This is the total number of domain names you want to host with ClickFunnels. Think of it even as how many distinctive websites you’re about to build

Email Automation – If you prefer to send out automatic emails from your site based on individual action that a website visitor is taking. For Instance – Send an email when they download something & then send a follow up again after a few days when you see them visiting your website or taking another action on your site.

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Now, let us take have a glance at the two plans and what do they offer –

Starter Pack (Basic Account) –

The basic accounts of ClickFunnels cost $97 per month. With this pricing package, you’ll be able to produce twenty funnels, will have a hundred pages and have 20,000 visitors per month. You can also have three custom domains. That is pretty much what you want if you are new to ClickFunnels.

Pro Account (Etison Suite) –

The ClickFunnels pricing for this plan is $297 per month. With this ClickFunnels package, you will have the ability to create 70 Funnels, 300 pages, 20 custom domains, and 100,000 unique visitors.

Apart from this, Etison Suite package comes with two add on power packs. One if called Actionetics – a full-fledged email automation system & Backpack – a compelling affiliate marketing system.

So let’s run down the differences the two plans real quick and see what you get for the different pricing packages.

Number Of Active Funnels

First, on the $97 per month plan, you’re only allowed to use 20 active funnels in a month, at a time. That doesn’t mean that you cannot have more than twenty funnels in your account, it just means that you are only permitted to run 20 active funnels at a time. In the Edison $297 per month Clickfunnels package, you get an unlimited amount. So if you wish to run more than that you’re going to need to upgrade.

Number Of Funnel Steps

The next on the list is the number of pages which is funnel steps. In the $97 per month clickfunnels pricing package, you can run a hundred pages or funnel steps at a time. Also, the Edison suite the $297 per month plan is unlimited, so I can’t imagine why you would wish to run more than a hundred pages in a month at a time but again if you do you’re going to have to upgrade to the $297 a month package.

What Is The Monthly Visitor Quota?

Another factor worth thinking about is the number of visitors a month your web site gets. So in the $97 per month package, you can only run 20,000 visitors to all of your given funnels in a month. I don’t run that number to my funnels at this time per month, and it does roll over so if you only get 3,000 visitors this month then next month you will have a choice of obtaining 27,000 visitors per month to your funnels. Of course, the $297 package is unlimited visits.

How Many Contacts Can You Have?

Contacts, which is all the people that opt-in to your funnels or subscribe to you, anybody’s information you might have captured from any given funnel, they both have an unlimited amount of people you’ll be able to set up within your clickfunnels account.

Can I Make Use of A Custom Domain?

Custom domains, the $97 per month plan you can only use three custom domains for your funnels in your account and the Etison suite which is a $297 per month package you have an unlimited amount.

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Why Should You Choose The Etison Plan?

Now let’s get on to the more significant features that ClickFunnels add to the $297 a month etisonClickfunnels Pricing plan.

Built-In Auto Responder

The first feature is actionetics which is an integrated pre-built autoresponder it’s an integrated built-in email autoresponder which is phenomenal in my belief it’s as good as it gets for the $297 a month plan. That’s what you get, and for the $97 a month plan you do not get that. You would have to go out and get a third-party autoresponder from someone like Aweber, Active campaign or Getresponse. With the $297 a month plan you get actionetics.


Built-In Affiliate Program

Well, for instance, you have got a clickfunnels affiliate program, and you’ll be able to manage all of your affiliates underneath there. You can plug them into your funnel, and once they go out and promote your product, you’ll be able to fulfill all of your affiliate commission and things that you need to pay them. You can additionally pay them out. Thus it is a nice feature. That’s backpack is an affiliate manager.

Those are the differences in the two plans the $97 a month plan and the $297 etison suites. So with the $97 a month plan; just to run through it real quick again, you get 20 active funnels, 100 dynamic pages, 20,000 visitors a month, an unlimited amount of contacts and three custom domains.

With the $297 a month plan you get the standard clickfunnels pricing plan which has an unlimited amount of funnels, an infinite amount of pages, unlimited amount of visitors, unlimited amount of contacts, unlimited amount of custom domains plus you get the built-in integrated email autoresponder actionetics.

Other than these two central pricing plans, ClickFunnels has recently introduced Actionetics MD. This is not an individual plan. Instead, it’s an upgrade of the premium ClickFunnels Etison Suite package. This upgrade gives its users access to some of the cutting-edge features.



What is Actionetics price difference?

If you don’t know what Actionetics price is, then you will be relieved to realize that it is as simple as improving your Clickfunnels account to the $297 a month plan. This comes with a bunch of different options that straight crush the digital marketing game.

How can Actionetics MD work well for you?

This is probably the most straightforward part of everything. Using your existing ClickFunnels account, opt for an upgrade by moving from the basic Clickfunnels package to the Etison Suite package that sits right under three hundi at $297 a month.

With this Clickfunnels package upgrade, you get backpack, a personalized affiliate marketing software, follow-up funnel tool, the funnel follow-up marketing automation tool, the renowned funnel, and page builder, not to mention Clickfunnels will be rolling out Pipeline, an advanced CRM tool, and Wasabi, the membership integration software.

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Is ClickFunnel the best tool for me?

This is a question I asked myself many times, and I can guide you here. Before we discuss this issue, let me make one thing clear to you. My goal here is to work you through the appropriate tool. If you find one of the plans is suitable for you, then I am glad. If you discover that ClickFunnels is not your tool – I am so happy too.

I won’t say ClickFunnels is suitable for all businesses, and if anyone says that to you, please ignore them, they want to realize some easy cash by referring you to ClickFunnels.

Now, please allow me to help you discover if ClickFunnels is the right tool for you…


You will be one of the three below type.

Please identify yourself & follow me here.

  • You have a concept but haven’t started on something.
  • or You heard this concept of generating cash on-line and needed to try if you’ll be able to create some bucks online by making use of your great idea.
  • You have no web site yet;
  • you do not have any web site development or design skills (if you have got, that is very good too)
  • or You have a site (80% times, you have a WordPress Website) & want to generate more leads. Your web site isn’t converting well, and you believe there is a lot of potential in your product or services. You are aware of how to make changes to your current website, or you depend on a developer to make a lot of changes for you. For you, time is crucial and want to test and try new things faster. You want additional sales & conversion, and you have less time to waste.
  • You have a product, website and customer base.
  • or You want to propel it to the next level. So You require a system that runs pretty much itself so that you can spend a lot of time with your loved ones.

If you are 1 & 2 – you need the Basic Plan of ClickFunnels.

I would recommend you take a Free Trial for 14 days and set a reminder to terminate the plan on the 12th Day (just adding two days in a case for any reasons the termination takes time. Usually, the support team responds with a “no questions asked” cancellation in twenty-four hours)


Now, I must justify what I said earlier.

Let me tell you why you must get this.

Getting started to ClickFunnels is very simple and straightforward. You don’t require a domain; you don’t need to set up and manage a hosting account. ClickFunnels host your web site, and it is super-fast. It is a three-click easy setup process. ClickFunnels provides a guided tour on getting started. You will also get one domain Free with ClickFunnels Pricing Plans.

No technical Skills needed –

you do not need any technical knowledge to create a good looking web site funnel. ClickFunnel provides a smooth drag and drop interface where you can quickly create your website. My 12 yr old cousin can quickly create a funnel for me. It is that simple.

Free Sales Funnels –

You get seven Free Sales Funnels Free web site Templates inside your ClickFunnels account. Whether it’s lead generation or marketing product online, you will get free fully functional sales funnels with your ClickFunnels account. You can customize these pages to make it work well for you.

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Learning & Development –

ClickFunnels provide a lot of free learning resources in the form of Webinars (I suggest you attend it, it is one of the most potent marketing web class ever, done by the marketing expert Russell Brunson)

Large Community of Funnel Hackers –

ClickFunnels FB community is the most remarkable marketing network I have ever been to. You will find a lot of funnel hackers & specialists who are always available to offer help. Just raise any questions, and you’ll realize it helpful.

Integration with 3rd Party Softwares and Apps –

Clickfunnel has got effective one-click integration with almost all software and apps including payment gateways. You can see below the integrations offered free of charge. So if you’re presently making use of WordPress, you’ll install a plugin to integrate ClickFunnels to your current web site. It is straightforward. You can about do all of the above in your Free trial period.

So – when does one need the complete suite of $297?

You only need that when:

  • You are maxed out of your custom domains, pages, and funnel numbers.
  • And You wish to send out emails from ClickFunnels and about automate everything within ClickFunnels.
  • If you want to sell your products using an affiliate marketing system.

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Clickfunnels Discounts – The Ultimate Guide


Clickfunnels (CF) is the most fantastic software as a service product you’ll ever come across. But before you have used the software package yourself and realized how nice it is, you would possibly need to try it out.

You’ve come to the best place, below is a few tricks that enable you to get a high Clickfunnels Discount

But instead of focusing on getting the most significant discount, find the option that has the most value. I prefer the Funnel Builder Secrets Package because of the crazy cost.

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A Special Offer to Acquire a Clickfunnels Discount

funnel hacks

Funnel Hacks & Funnel Builder Secrets Packages

These two packages are the most effective approach for you to get a ClickFunnels Discount because you have full access to the Etison Suite plan. This has many advantages for you as a user. One of the significant ones being that on the $97 package you are limited to only 20 funnels. (This may sound enough, but I promise it’s not)

More significantly, you save almost 50% on the cost of ClickFunnels alone, but with the bonuses inside the programs, as shown below.

Funnel Hacks – Get Access Of Clickfunnels For Free For 6 Months 

Want to get free training and access to Clickfunnels for free for 6 months? Funnel Hacks Is a special package put together by Russell, With this package, you will be able to get Clickfunnels for 55% off plus many extra bonuses


Funnel Hacks is a special package that you can purchase for $997. If you were to buy Funnel Hacks, you get access to the Clickfunnels Etison Suite at $167 which usually is $297. See below for what’s enclosed within the Funnel Hacks Package.

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Funnel Builder Secrets – From $1,997 to $5,997 Package (but $12,767 to $24,997 Value)



This is an extension of the Funnel Hacks Package because the whole Funnel Hacks Package is included. But on top of that is the excellent Funnel Builder Secrets Training & a Traffic Secrets membership.

And you will also get access to funnel scripts software, which is a copywriting software which will help you write highly converting sales copy and save you lots of money


The Funnel Builder Secrets (FBS) coaching is the single best coaching you will find within the marketing space today. Regardless of all alternative inclusions, this training is alone worth your money. It is unbelievably in depth and will teach you ways to promote better and make use of funnels from scratch to advanced.

Then apart from all that likewise a Traffic Secrets Membership which can teach you all the strategies to get traffic. Not merely any traffic, however high quality, transforming traffic.

FBS is a hidden package only offered for you behind long webinars.

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For People Who Has Tide Budget- Clickfunnels $19 Plan

if you have a very limited budget, Clickfunnels also have a special Clickfunnels $19 plan

however, there are many limitations in that planand I don’t recommend you to take advantage of it

You can click here to learn more about the Clickfunnels $19 plan


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