Clickfunnels Blog – How to Make Your Blog with Clickfunnels

Blogging is a tested and proven way reach more audience and transform them into avid fans and buying customers. Blog posts can act as entry points to your sales funnels. Some were even able to manage millions of dollars in just a short span of time as most of the traffic comes from blog posts. For those who are using Clickfunnels right now, you have to ensure that you are familiar with creating your blog with your account in Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels Blog – How to Make Your Blog with Clickfunnels

Have you ever thought about using blogs but you are unsure where and how you can get started? How can you add more blog posts? What template can you use? How will you connect all of your pages?

Steps to Create Your Clickfunnels Blog

The process of Clickfunnels blog creation is so much simpler and easier than what you think. However, it might become a bit difficult if you have to constantly add more new blog posts every time. Depending on your blog’s layout, you might have to create a new step in the funnel for each blog post you will put up. Again, it might be a bit tiring at times. After, it is not as simple and easy as clicking on the Post Now button in WordPress. However, you can still get everything done and still look professional as you do so.

Most people don’t know that there is a readily accessible blog template in Clickfunnels’ Misc section when you select your page template you wish to put up. This makes it easier for you to start with your Clickfunnels blog.

Once you have used the given template, you need to clone one part of your blog every now and then on the exact same page. You can clone the whole funnel step continually if you like.

After that, you will set up the links in every step that you will link to your About Us page or to other sections you plan to include in your site.

You’re done! Isn’t it easy to set up your own Clickfunnels blog?

Why Create a Clickfunnels Blog?

If you don’t plan to blog regularly but you wish to put up some great content that can act as funnel bait, a Clickfunnels blog can come in handy. The primary benefit of this method is that it will be easy for you to check the stats in your funnel dashboard. You can also create easy buttons, pop ups, and so much more. Blog posts are powerful as they let you do a lot of things:

  • Blogging helps establish your expertise and authority.
  • You can run cheaper ads because it is easier to entice people to read, click, and give their email address. You can even pixel readers and retarget them with the use of other ads.
  • You can go viral before you know it because people love sharing stuff that makes them laugh and feel smart. Sharing squeeze pages is very rare for most people.


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