Cheaper Way To Get Clickfunnels – Tips from the Expert

Do you like to know how great Clickfunnels is, yet you’re turned off by the rates you are seeing? Well, there’s no need to worry about this as it’s a cheaper way to get Clickfunnels!

Cheaper Way To Get Clickfunnels – Tips from the Expert

Rather than spending $97 monthly, it’s possible to get Clickfunnels for only $19. It allows you to build funnels, but you have to take note that there are some limits you should know. So, how can you get it?

  1. Somebody should share a funnel with you. Then, sign up to use this funnel. This account will just let you have shared funnels. What makes it the best is that you can edit funnels after and add anything you want. Just take note that though it’s a cheaper way to get Clickfunnels, it has some limitations you must be aware of.

The account on Clickfunnels you’ll get is limited only to three shared funnels, a thousand visitors monthly, and ten pages. Moreover, the plan is limited for those who want to create many funnels. But, it’s ideal for those who just require 1 or 2 funnels. It’s also best for affiliate marketers.

  1. There is another way to get Clickfunnels in a cheaper manner. You can do it through signing up on Clickfunnels and cancelling it after the trial ended. Clickfunnels would do everything to keep you as a customer. It will offer you special discount, which can be availed $37 monthly. Nevertheless, this will not provide you a full access to Clickfunnels compared to $97 monthly plan. But, it provides more compared to some kinds of discount. With this method, you’ll get Clickfunnels at low price. Plus, you will get five funnels, a total of 5000 visitors, and twenty pages.

Such discounts will surely help you experience what Clickfunnels offers. It will also help you decide if you will stick with it for your online business.

The Information

There are still other people who are afraid of trying Clickfunnels because of its price tag. But, after you have used it, you can be assured that you’ll earn back your investment instantly. Moreover, you’ll be happy and satisfied using Clickfunnels and would spend $97 monthly.

If the rate of Clickfunnels still intimidates, it’s a good idea to be a Clickfunnels affiliate. This will help you offset the cost, especially if you’re just getting started. You can take advantage of the affiliate program by promoting Clickfunnels while you’re on trial period. You may use Bootcamp or read Dotcom Secrets for furthering your knowledge about Clickfunnels.

The affiliate program of Clickfunnels will pay you 40% commissions. What you should only do is to sign up two to three persons as an affiliate. With this, you will be able to enjoy a cheaper way to get Clickfunnels. So, if you don’t have much budget to pay Clickfunnels pricing, you can try those methods above.

The cost of Clickfunnels must not deter you from trying it. You can check out and you’ll know how worthy your investment is.



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