Best WordPress Themes for Blogs, Small Business, and Writers

No matter you are doing affiliate marketing, selling solo ads,  selling on Amazon or selling with Clickfunnels, a good official site is always important

If you wish your WordPress site to succeed you are going to need an excellent theme. Of course, choosing a solid theme is essential.

Even if you write amazingly captivating content, and spend hours correctly crafting and formatting each post, your audiences won’t stick around if your website is designed poorly.

The feel and look of your site have a more significant influence than you think. If your website is distracting, crowded, or uses a low-quality font, your users won’t stick around actually to read what you’ve written.

This is the point where your WordPress theme comes in. In this article, we shall be introducing 3 of the favorite WordPress theme and Plugins which are Thrive Themes, Thrive Architect and OptimizePress.

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Best WordPress Themes for Blogs, Small Business, and Writers

Thrive Themes

Thrive themes are one among the leading theme designers within the WordPress market. With this Thrive themes review, {we will|we’ll|we are going to} assist you to understand Thrive themes and analyze how great the Thrive Theme products are to build your web site.


Choosing a WordPress plugin, or a theme is usually confusing. Since the usability and performance of your WordPress website entirely depend on the theme and plugins you want, it has to be a careful decision.

One of the famous theme & plugin providers in the WordPress world is Thrive themes. This is one among a kind WordPress theme company that intends to deliver conversion bound themes and plugins for your WordPress websites.

The products at Thrive themes are built for small business owners or bloggers that are focused on lead generation and conversions. The Thrive themes WordPress plugins and templates are easy to use. You oughtn’t to be professionally skilled IT personnel to use their product.

Thrive Themes: WordPress Themes

Thrive themes used to house a number of the most effective WordPress themes like Rise, Squared, Pressive, etc. All these themes targeted on the one factor Thrive themes are established for – higher conversion. These were thoughtfully & strategically written product that will optimize the user engagement and actions on your web site.

However, they discontinued their themes, and they aren’t any longer available for download. Rather than the separate themes, they are preparing to launch what they refer to as Thrive Visual Theme builder.

Not to get the Thrive Theme builder mixed up with Thrive architect, which is a content editor, a plugin. Thrive theme builder can work on a higher level, it will not be concerning readjusting a page style using the page editor’s tool. The Thrive Theme builder is an easy to use, flexible, framework (in the form of a theme) for creating your WordPress website.

The Thrive theme builder has not been released yet. We hope it appears to be as impressive as it sounds!

Thrive themes plugins

At Thrive themes, you can expect to have access to many conversion-focused tools for your WordPress websites. These tools are accessible in the form of WordPress plugins, that are lightweight and can be easily integrated into your WordPress websites.

The plugins from Thrive themes are all about lead generation and content improvement for higher conversions.


Thrive Themes Pros and Cons


  • Comes with conversion targeted WordPress themes and landing pages
  • Thrive themes is handy, the best visual editor for a visually appealing content
  • The drag-and-drop editor is pretty straightforward to use and makes your life easy
  • Affordable pricing
  • Lots of numerous components you can add to your pages, from testimonial boxes to exit-intent popups
  • Fully optimized for both SEO and mobile
  • Fast loading WordPress Theme


  • It’s largely useful for brand spanking new posts and pages, and tough to change your previous pages with Thrive designer
  • Thrive Themes is simply meant for WordPress CMS websites
  • It takes a little time before you can get used to it


Thrive Themes is a store of the most effective conversion optimized WordPress plugins. And the soon-to-arrive Thrive Theme builder sounds excellent too.

Since there aren’t any themes obtainable at Thrive themes recently, you can still access their smart plugins. These plugins can help you make your website more effective and profitable.

With the product as efficient and sharp like that, you are making no mistake if you decide to buy from Thrive themes.

I can conclude with the verdict that their products and Thrive theme conversion focused plugins are for anyone who wants to do more than launch content with their website.

Thrive Architect

Thrive architect (Formally referred to as Thrive Content Builder) is one in all the most common WordPress plugins in Thrive store.

The plugin allows you to produce custom WordPress posts and landing pages via a drag-and-drop user interface. You can create your designs from scratch or load up one of the many in-built landing page templates.


When you click on a page template in the Thrive Architect interface, you can quickly click on its elements to modify them, with lots of useful controls instantly coming up in the sidebar once you have clicked on an editable item.

Also, Thrive Architect is also a front-end builder, which means you get to see your page as your viewers would while you’re working on it – and because you’re not needed to change browser tabs to check a preview of your work, the design process is very fast and responsive.

With Thrive Architect, you’ll get:

  • Powerful drag and drop webpage builder for WordPress
  • Advanced content elements
  • More than two hundred pre-built landing page templates for sales pages, opt-in pages, webinar registration pages, and lots more
  • Lots of helpful components that you can drag-and-drop and use on your pages
  • Compatible with both Thrive Themes and different WordPress themes
  • Thrive architect is different from most other landing page builders out there because it comes with beautiful template sets.

In a nutshell, here are few uses of Thrive Architect page builder:

1. Table of contents

If you’re used to writing long-form content like me, it makes more sense always to give your readers a way to navigate from one section of the material to another. This will help to offer your audience a decent user experience — which is where inserting Table of Contents comes in.

With Thrive architect, you’ll be able to add a customizable table of contents to your write-ups. Just make use of h2 and h3 tags for your sub-headings, and that they can all show in a table of contents box.

2. Buttons

Thrive architect permits you to make a call to action (CTA) buttons inside your pages to maximize your click-through rates. Whether you’re recommending certain products to your audience or building a mailing list, your call to actions plays a considerable role.

Here’s where making use of large, eye catchy buttons will help. With this WordPress plugin, you’ll be able to add CTA buttons together with your desired color, text and fonts.

3. Content box

The content box helps you to differentiate your content from the remainder of the copy. These boxes can be used to show crucial information (such as critical data or CTA’s). And you’ll be able to use them for your content or products summaries equally.

4. Testimonials

When it comes boosting a web site conversion, we are all aware of how essential social proof is. With Thrive Architect, you can quickly build appealing testimonies in seconds. It permits you to show pictures, borders, and choose your desired color.

5. Pricing tables

If you are like me who’s NOT tech savvy, you recognize how tough it’s to create pricing tables. Sadly, there are not many useful plugins available on the WordPress store to eradicate this problem.

Here’s where Thrive architect kicks in, it permits you to add customizable and responsive pricing tables to your pages in minutes.

6. Content Reveal

Want to show your CTA at the proper time? You can choose a custom time a particular write-up will show while reading a page on your website and view your CTA at the right time using this page builder.

7. Click to tweet box

Twitter is one among the most powerful social media platforms in existence, and if you want to acquire more website traffic from Twitter, you need more tweets through your content. The “Click to tweet box” will assist you to boost your tweets by displaying a lovely click to tweet content among your journal posts.

8. Countdown Timer

Are you about to launch a brand new website, book, product or membership site?

Do you want to show a countdown timer on your pages?

If yes, Thrive architect will assist you to attain that. Just drag and drop the countdown timer to your desired page, set your rules, and you’re good to go.

9. Star ratings for reviews

Star rating reviews are one among the various ways in which you can increase your website’s product sales and user engagement. Luckily, with Thrive architect, you can effortlessly add good-looking star ratings for your product review posts. You don’t want any additional WordPress plugin for this!

10. Email opt-in forms

Having an active email list is one among the simplest things you can do for your on-line business. With this content builder, you can effortlessly place mesmerizing email opt-in forms wherever you want within your web pages, and however, you want it (color, size, links, etc.).


If you are a marketer, you recognize how vital it’s to form high-converting landing pages, sales pages, and funnels.


Today, you’ll be able to try this with the help of page builder WordPress plugins obtainable within the market. But these builders lack in one thing:

Many builders concentrate on the aesthetics more than the functionality. There are solely a few builders that assist you to build pages with conversion and promoting goals in mind.

And one such builder is OptimizePress. Let’s see more details of this plugin.

What is OptimizePress?

OptimizePress is another page builder for WordPress that allows you to design landing pages, full-scale marketing sites, sales page, launch funnels, training web pages, and even membership portals.

It is safe to mention that OptimizePress isn’t just a page builder. It will assist you to manage all of your pages on WordPress.

Just like the other page builder, you’ll be able to produce pages in real-time by dragging and dropping components on the page. It is made up of over 25 customizable templates and is responsive.

One outstanding feature of OptimizePress is that it comes in each, theme and plugin formats. So, it allows you to use the plugin if you wish to use any other theme on your web site.

This was simply a quick summary of the features of OptimizePress. Let’s talk about these features briefly.

OptimizePress Features

Here are some highlights of OptimizePress that make it a robust page builder:

1. Live Editor

It offers a live-editor that helps you to produce pages in real-time. You don’t need to reload, refresh, or preview the page to see your design.

This feature is essential in all page builders, and OptimizePress offers it. The live editor is straightforward to use, and you won’t face any challenges in using it.

2. Over 25 Templates

OptimizePress is made up of over 25 different templates that can be imported and applied directly to build your site.

All the templates provided in OptimizePress are conversion-focused and making use of these templates can assist you to get high conversions.

3. 40+ Custom Elements

There are more than 40 elements contained in OptimizePress to help you create pages. All these elements can be customized to their extent by changing different options and styles.

Some components of the elements included in OptimizePress are:

  • Order Boxes
  • Headlines
  • Testimonial Blocks
  • Countdown Timers
  • Progress Bars
  • Video Player
  • Content Toggle
  • Audio Player
  • Feature Boxes
  • Guarantee Boxes.
  • Facebook Comments

4. Fully Responsive

It’s important to have pages optimized for various screen sizes. Since the amount of individuals accessing the web using mobile is increasing fast, ignoring responsive design could be a red flag.

OptimizePress is responsive, and your pages will look beautiful in all devices. You can create additional changes to your page based on completely different screen sizes too.

These are some features of OptimizePress. In every page builder, the most critical part is the page builder itself.

No matter how sensible the options are if the page builder is not good enough, the plugin is of no use. So, let’s currently discuss the page builder of OptimizePress.

The Page Builder

The OptimizePress page builder is pretty straightforward, and you can create a page in 4 simple steps.

The first step is to offer a name to your page and choose the layout. You can either choose a blank page if you want to build from scratch or use a template.

After making your selection, you can then go ahead and design your page in the live editor. If you are making use of a template, it won’t take much time to modify it as the live editor is much easy to use.

All you may have to do is to alter the color, text, size of the template to match your website’s design.

You can additionally add further components if you wish to. There are 40+ components that can be added in OptimizePress.

Once you have created your page, you can either save it as a draft or publish it directly from the live editor.

OptimizePress additionally provides you the flexibility to save lots of your page designs as presets to permit you to use them on different pages.

Pros and Cons of OptimizePress


  • Stunning templates are available for all purposes.
  • Perfect for building pages focused on conversions and lead generation.
  • The live editor is straightforward and easy to use.
  • The plugin is very secure.
  • Membership portal can be used to create a membership and selling sites.
  • Integrations are available.
  • Fully responsive.
  • Drip content may be created for your membership sites.
  • Comprehensive support and documentation


  • Good for marketers only
  • Some templates lack in quality compared to alternative builders.

ClickFunnels as the best alternative for the above WordPress themes

In my opinion, ClickFunnels create websites aka as “funnels” that are enhanced sites that are designed for the sole purpose of improving the likelihood of generating sales online. This is something that almost all online business owners want. Some online marketers also need a website for credibility or other marketers who need a site to promote an upcoming event and for those people Click Funnels would not be necessary. For all my different marketer Click Funnels would be a great addition to their online presence.

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Image result for clickfunnels

ClickFunnels has everything you would like to get an excellent looking web site on-line. With ClickFunnels you don’t have to worry about hosting, or knowing any code to build your site. The newest dashboard is extremely intuitive and provides the user with a standard sense method of deciding which kind of funnel would be the most effective for your desires.

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Final Verdict

Having the proper WordPress theme for your blog is extraordinarily vital and will set the quality for what users can hope to see on your web site. The best theme for your blog is entirely personal but remember; this is how users will recognize your brand and interact with your website. Hopefully, the themes and plugins above will point you in the right direction, and you’re getting help you get closer to getting the perfect WordPress theme for your blog.