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Desktop Themes

Basically, Desktop Themes provide a way of changing the way your computer looks and sounds. Depending on how the author programmed the theme many components of your PCs look and feel can be changed to the "Theme". The sounds you hear when you minimize or maximize a window, the default beep, the startup and shutdown screens and sounds, the background picture, the pointers and various desktop icons may also be changed.

To use these themes, you will need either Microsoft PLUS! (An add-on pack for Windows 95) or another utility to display the themes (NOTE: WIN 98 already has a themes installer built in).

We have listed a few packages on our "Theme Utilities" page (This page also includes programs to create your own !).

OK, enough talk, I hear you asking where are links to the 1000s of available at this site? Simply use the 'Category Navigation Box' above or the search button on the left to find exactly what you are looking for.

Please note, we have not checked out all these packages and they remain the property of their respective owners (Please also note that some of these packages are "Shareware" and may require a payment to their creator. In this case it is your responsibility to make the appropriate payment to the author. We do not act as a broker between you and the owners of these programs).

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